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Jahan Housing and Building Company was founded on 06-12-2006 with the aim of providing services pertaining to identify and

found factories and building blocks, verification, consolidation, maintenance and completion of unfinished buildings and any other

operations regarding purchasing and selling services and investment and participation and implementation of tender and auction.

As a subsidiary firm of Bank Shahr (City Bank), Jahan Housing and Building Company is the first financial service provider in the field of

non-cash financing for Municipality of Tehran and other major cities.

Company’s Scope of Activities:

  - Finance and facilitate the construction operations for Municipality.
 Adopting a uniform manner and transparent and effective implementation of paying debts to natural persons and legal entities.
  - Granting the concession of real-estates density.

Company's Shareholders:

        - Bank Shahr (city bank)
 Omran Shahr (city bank)
 Tose Bazargani Shahr
 Leasing Shahr Company (City Leasing)
 Sarrafi Shahr (City Exchange Company)
 Shahr Atiyeh investment Company
Kargozary Shahr (City Brokerage Company)